Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch)


Dive into the Netherworlds and beat your enemies in Disgaea 5 Complete, a ridiculously spectacular turn-based RPG packed with strategic elements for Nintendo Switch ! A new evil Overlord named Void Dark plans to subdue the countless Netherworlds. The young, confident demon Killia sets out to undermine Void Dark’s rule. Take command of Killia and his rebel army for revenge and dethrone the demonic ruler.   Command a colorful band of warriors and take on insane enemies on grid-shaped maps. Plan a strategy, be aware of the environment and let your team work together like a well-oiled machine. Line up your characters, perform special attacks and use devastating Team Attacks when standing next to an ally. The more allies around, the more powerful your attacks become! Discover the uniqueness of the Disgaea series and discover the virtually endless possibilities to play and customize the game. With Magichange you can turn monsters into weapons, your characters can reach level 9999 with enough training and in Item World you can make your items more powerful. In addition, you can vote in, for example, the Dask Assembly to let you know which new levels you want to access. And that’s just the beginning!   Choose from over 40 classes and recruit new team members with the attributes you need. Meet the eccentric and crazy characters and their crazy background stories. There is Usalia, a girl doomed to eat curry, and Seraphina, the Overlord of Gorgeous, who is convinced that all men should come to their knees for her! Familiarize yourself with the all-new combat systems and slash your enemies in style. Combine the powers of team leaders with new Alliance Attacks and avenge comrades under siege in the new Revenge Mode. In Revenge Mode, you can deploy an exclusive, secret skill called Overload. This can turn the war chances in an instant!   In addition to the action-packed story, Disgaea 5 Complete includes eight bonus scenarios, four popular additional characters and three additional classes from the Disgaea series! Experience hundreds of hours of strategic content, engage in thrilling tactical combat and master innovative gameplay in Disgaea 5 Complete for Nintendo Switch.

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